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Business Coaching for Women!

Introducing PowerTalk Coaching for Women a FREE one-hour consultation/coaching session to help you gain clarity, focus, resources and support for your start up business, ideas and/or business challenges.

If you’ve been thinking about hiring a business coach or would like to discover what a coaching session is all about – this is a great way to do it!

I’ve been mentoring, consulting and coaching for more than 20+ years and I truly enjoy helping women to realize just how much talent and potential they have to create and implement their dreams and goals!


PowerTalk Coaching Process:

Step 1– You’ll provide me with a brief description of your vision, your business, idea and income goals.  I’ll also ask you questions to help you gain better clarity if needed.  We’ll also discuss the positive habits you’ll need in place for your business success.

Step 2– We’ll brainstorm, discuss solutions and I’ll answer your questions, provide resources and share ways to create a more effective system for results!

Step 3 – Based on our discussion, I’ll motivate and empower you to take charge and claim your dreams and goals!!

Step 4 – I’ll share the resources you can use through Women About Biz to start and grow your business, how to connect with other women in our social network, promote your business and develop long-term relationships.

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