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Queen Trina Newby

Founder/CEO Women About Biz

Let's Make It Happen for Your Business!

Hey, it’s Queen Trina, your Business Success Coach.

I'd like to introduce you to the 30-Day Success Coaching Program!    If you're wanting to focus on accomplishing your goals and set up a proven action system within a month's time then this program will definitely give you a boost.

Get motivated and empowered to step into your CEO role, create your strategy, and make more money!  I’ll help you focus on your goals, prioritize tasks , create a workflow, and take action!

Program Benefits

The 30-Day Success Coaching Program Includes:

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Common Q&A

Who Is this program for?

The Business Success 30-Day Coaching Program is for women:

How does the program work?

1) First, we'll have a Coaching Discovery Call, which is between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on your business needs. During this session we'll go over your business goals over a 30-day period.

2) You'll have a customized coaching portal that you'll login to for assigned action/to-do  items, shared files, resources and coaching session notes.

3) We'll meet twice on the first and third week for 45-minutes and meet each week for your 10-minute accountability calls.

4) As your coach, I'll be available to you via text and email for questions or assistance.

Here's a short list sample of what I've helped other Queens with:

Do I have to finish in 30 days?

Yes, this program is designed to help you take action and get some things implemented right away.  You'll need to set aside 5 to 7 hours each week.  This includes time for your sessions, CEO planning assignments, implementation and accountability calls.  

* NOTE: Many coaching clients that get the 30-day package upgrade to the Boss Up Coaching Program, which is a $200 savings (a 90-day retainer is required - this is totally optional).

Is there a program guarantee?

This program is entirely based on three things: 1) Your implementation of the goals and tasks you set during the 30-day period , 2) Your commitment to follow the system including the Vision Hierarchy and 3) As your coach, my commitment to help you focus on your 30-day goals, provide you with the structure and resources to make it happen and an accountability system.  So as you can see, you're part of the success process over the 30-day period.  However, I guarantee that I will fulfill my part as your coach.


Laura Elderil, New Jersey

This program truly helped me to understand my CEO role!  I learned out to create my planning calendar, delegate to others and monetize my business.  

Edna King,  Atlanta

I was nervous about starting my business, because I'm over 60.  Trina really helped me to structure and I learned how to use Google Workspace to manage my business.  I also was able learn the Vision Hierarchy System and that has changed my life forever!

Jackie Dennison, New York

Trina, you're truly a blessing from God.  I am learning so much from you with your Boss Up Coaching.  I also look forward to Successful Woman Radio every Monday

Cheryl Anderson, New Jersey

Queen Trina, thank you for sharing with me a better way of goal setting and planning out my business.  I am having so many breakthroughs and most of all I am learning that I don't have to do everything by myself.

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