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Welcome to Women About Biz, a Business Network just for Women!  Our goal is to help you Build Your Empire by providing you with coaching, courses, resources, tools and biblical principles to start and grow your business!

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Introducing PowerTalk Coaching for Women a 45-minute consultation/coaching session to help you gain clarity, focus, resources and support for your startup idea or business.

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Yeah, it's the Holiday Season and my favorite time of year!  I share this recipe on the Successful woman Radio show each Thanksgiving week and I thought, why not post it for all to enjoy?  I often end up having to make three or four punch bowls and everyone talks...

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Setting goals is a fundamental aspect of achieving success in any endeavor, and this holds especially true for small businesses. However, many businesswomen often struggle with fear and uncertainty when it comes to setting and pursuing their goals.  Women often...

Understanding how your customers purchase from you is crucial for your business success. Customers come from diverse backgrounds, possess unique preferences, and have varying buying behaviors. So, you must adapt and tailor your strategies to service these distinct...

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